Britax Grow with You ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat

Britax Grow with You ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat

Britax Grow with You ClickTight helps your child grow in one seat, from toddlers to big kids. You can use this seat as a 5-point harness for your toddlers, and you can transform it into a high-back booster when your child is ready to use a booster seat. You can use this seat as a forward-facing harness for a 25-65lbs kid, and you can use this as a booster seat for children up to 12lbs.

The Clicktight system allows you to install it easily every time in 3 steps.
Britax Grow with you has high-quality protection to protect your baby from any kind of injury. And it has a very soft and cushiony surface with a multiposition recline angle to provide added comfort.


Britax Grow with You ClickTight Harness-2-Booster Car Seat

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Britax Grow with you comes with two users modes. This seat can be used as a 5-point harness and also as a belt-positioning high-back booster seat. You can easily install the seat in 3 easy steps with ClickTight System. You just exposed the seat, then thread, and then buckle the seat belt. This seat has three layered side-impact guards with an energy-riveting shell, foam-wrinkled headrest, and exterior cushions around the head, neckline, and chest to protect your child. The safety seat base generates a wrinkle zone to absorb crash energy in the event of a crash. The 9-location harness and headrest are easily adjustable to give the child a proper fit. And there is a belt guide coded with color to help you route the belt in the correct direction. Including the armrest, this seat has Cup holders and snacks storage compartment to keep drinks and snacks. The soft seat pad keeps the child comfortable in the seat. The fabrics are very stylish and easy to clean.

Target group

Children from 25 pounds to 120 pounds.

Main Benefit

Clicktight installation system, three layered side-impact guards, Soft, comfortable seat pad.

Technical Details

Product Dimensions : 21 x 23 x 25 inches
Item model: E1C207N
Discontinued By Builder: No
Recommended lowest weight: 25 Pounds
Recommended highest weight: 120 Pounds
Material Type: Steel and fabric
Material composition: Polyester/nylon
Care instructions: Machine wash and Dry
Number Of Items: 1
Styl: Grow With You CT Plus
Batteries require: No
Specification met: Certified frustration-free
Orientation: Forward Facing
Forward-facing minimum child weight: 25 Pounds
Forward-facing maximum child weight: 120 Pounds
Item Weight: 26.5 pounds

• Constructed with solid materials.
• Side Impact layers with force absorbing SafeCells
• Stay steady in the backseat
• Soft and comfortable seat pad and fabrics
• ClickTight easy Installation system
• Two positions for reclining. 
• Two integrated cup holders.
• Easily transformable.
• Built-in wrinkle zone for absorbing and reducing crash forces.

● It was a little bit difficult to adjust the harness for the first time.
● Fabrics are not allowed to wash in the machine.

Solution of CONS

Make sure the harness slots and harness adjuster are correctly aligned. Make sure there is no obstruction. If there is any obstruction, remove it and try to adjust the harness again. Or, read the installation guide carefully to adjust the harness correctly


Installation in Harness Mode:

Lap-Shoulder Belt with CLICKTIGHT (Preferred Method)
Make sure your vehicle has a top tether anchor because Britax Grow with You plus recommends using the top tether anchor whenever you install the seat. The top teether helps the seat to stay steady and reduces the chance of injury. To find the tether anchor location check the vehicle owner’s manual.

Release the tether and place it at the back of the car seat so that it didn’t get stuck between the vehicle seat and car seat.

Place the car seat forward-facing and in the proper position. 
Open the ClickTight by releasing the buckle. Now, find the two slots on the Clicktight cover, and press the release lever.

Pull out the vehicle seat belt and route it through the green belt path and buckle the belt. Make sure there is no twist on the belt before buckling.
Tighten the straps of the lap and shoulder of the vehicle seat belt. Make sure it is not over-tightened.

Then close the clicktight. And check if the car seat is moving more than 1 inch in any direction. If it’s moving more than 1 inch, install it again.
Remove all slack by folding the straps. 
Secure all straps and clips with the elastic waistband.

Installation in Booster Mode:

There are two harness storage options on this seat in booster mode. One option is to store the harness in the seat, and the other is to remove the seat. Keeping the harness in the seat is the best option.
First, loosen the harness. To keep the harness out of the way, store it on the side of the armrest open clicktight, and find the two clips. Untie the seat cover and pull the seat cover in the forwarding direction while pulling the Crotch buckle and EZ-Buckle belly pad, so they stay at the top of the harness release lever.
Keep the cover in the position it was. Reconnect the clips of the seat’s shell and close the clicktight. Now, pull the harness strap, chest pad, and buckle tongues at the top of the harness. Then remove all slack and tuck the chest pads, harness strap, and buckle tongues under the side wing cover. 

User’s Opinion

Users Are delighted with this strong and durable seat. They say the seat is well constructed and it has lots of handy features. They say their child feels very comfortable in this seat. Consumers love the easy installation system. According to them, the children love the extra cushioned and soft padded seat. They also said that cleaning the seat is very easy. They say they can easily remove the covers and clean them. According to users though the seat is heavier but it provides their child extra comfort and safety.

Compare and contrast products

Grow With You vs. Pioneer

The main difference between the Pioneer and Grow with you plus is that The pioneer has the LATCH system instead of ClickTight.It facilitates a V-shaped tether, a no-rethread harness, and an impact-absorbing system. The cover fabric is also different and may become hot in the summer.

Grow With You vs. Frontier ClickTight

The difference of harness weight limits between grow with you and Frontier Clicktight is massive. The Grow With You harness has a maximum weight limit of 90 pounds. On the other Frontier has only 65 pounds. The extended weight limit can be a good option for those children who didn’t grow well or special needs children. The price difference between these two seats is not so big. And the fabric used in the Frontier is not as plush. 


Removing the Cover:

After losing the harness press on the release lever, pull out both harness straps in the forward direction.

Now unbuckle the harness and take the harness adjuster at the height position.

Now remove the hook and loop from the harness.

Remove the top elastic band from the head restraint area.

Then remove elastic bands from the bottom of the head restraint, remove the cover from the head restraint without damaging the energy-absorbing foam.

Now remove the elastic band hook from each side to remove the side wing covers from the seat.

Now find the two slots on Clicktight cover and press the release lever.
Remove the hook from the bottom of the Clicktight and remove the cover from Clicktight

Now unhook the clips from the back seat and pull out the seat cover over the EZBuckle belly pad.

Remove the clip from the front of the seat cover.
Remove the elastic band hook from the bottom of the seat and pull out the seat cover from the bottom of the car seat.

Replacing the Cover:

Place the seat cover on the seat and attach the clip 
Drag the seat cover forward and then push the EZ-buckle belly pad along the correct slot in the seat cover. Attach the seat clip from the back of the seat cover.
Place the seat cover over the ClickTight and drag the elastic band on the bottom of the Clicktight over the hook. And lock the Clicktight.
Attach the side wing cover by pulling the elastic band through the hook to the top of the seat shell.  
Place the head restraint cover, pull the elastic bands from the upper side of hooks to the top of every side, and fix the hooks and loops.

Removing the Buckle:

By Squeezing the levers together, open the ClickTight panel. And untie the clips from the back of the seat cover of the car seat 
Take out the seat cover over the EZ-Buckle belly pad.
Now turn and take out the buckle through the slots of the car seat.

Replacing the Buckle:

Push and fix the buckle retainer in the slot of the car seat.
Drag the EZ-Buckle Belly pad along the seat cover corresponding slot. Make sure the button is facing out, and the straps are not twisted.
Put the seat cover in the correct position and reattach the clips, and secure the clicktight.

Why we choose it

Britax Grow with you plus is the upgraded version of Britax Grow with you. This plus version comes with an additional side impact cushion to provide more comfort and safety. The extra layer of the cushion offers 2x protection. This seat has a very easy clicktight installation system. You can install it in a couple of moments. And this seat comes with an easy cleaning system. You can easily hand wash the seat cover.


What is the difference between the grow with you and the grow with you plus?
The Grow with your plus comes with the added side-impact cushions. Otherwise, everything is the same in these two seats.

What is the difference between this seat and the Frontier click tight?
The frontier click tight has a higher harness weight limit of 90 pounds and comes with a different shell. 

Is the cover machine washable?
The fabric of the cover is not safe for machine wash. The is hand washable only.

What is the maximum height for the harness mode?
The maximum height for harness mode is 49 inches.

Buying Guide

General Information

Harness Mode:

Before using this seat in harness mode, make sure your child’s age is at least two years old, weight is between 25lbs and 65 lbs, and height is 34 inches to 49 inches. It would be best to use this in harness mode until you cross the maximum requirement of harness mode. You can use this seat in an upright or reclined position for your child in harness mode.

Booster Mode:

To use this seat in booster mode, your child needs 40-120 lbs and 44-63 inches tall. According to Britax’s recommendation, you should use this seat in booster mode only when your child crosses the harness mode’s maximum height and weight limit.

You have to use the seat as a booster in an upright position.
You can install this seat using the Latch system. And it would help if you used the lap-shoulder belt for securing your child  


The Grow with you Clicktight plus is the most incredible combination of comfort and safety. The soft pad and cushion keep your baby comfortable, and the impact-absorbing safety features ensure children’s protection. You can use this seat with an easy tighten system in harness mode until your baby is ready for booster mode. And the booster mode the belt provides a great fit with the belt guide. 
Britex made the installation system so easy with a Clicktight system. It will only take a couple of seconds to install the seat. Britax’s Grow with you Clicktight is the best car seat for growing toddlers and big kids.

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