Chicco Gofit Plus Backless Booster Car Seat

Chicco GoFit Plus Backless Booster Car Seat Review

The Chicco GoFit Plus Backless Booster Car Seat is designed For 40-110 lbs Toddlers. It is a belt-positioning backless booster seat. To provide your child protection and comfort, it has a Contoured ErgoBoost seat and Double foam padding. GoFit plus comes with LATCH to keep the seat steady when the toddler gets in and away, or the seat is unused. The Latch system is designed to easily release one-handed, facilitating grab-and-go convenience with a built-in carry handle installed on the seat. It has assimilated lap belt guides and a shoulder belt fastener to help you position the vehicle’s seat correctly.
It has two removable dish-washer safe cup folders. And all the covers and fabrics are easy to remove and machine-washable. 


Chicco Gofit Plus Backless Booster Car Seat









Chicco Gofit Plus Backless Booster Car Seat can hold 4+ years toddlers from 40 lbs to 110lbs and 38 to 58 inches. It comes with a smooth non-marking underside that protects the vehicle seat from damage. It has a built-in carrying handle so that you can easily carry it. The ErgoBoost seat with double-foam padding helps your child by providing support and comfort. And the Quick-release Latch system enables you to install the seat correctly. The dryer-safe CupFolder and machine washable fabrics made the cleaning process very easy. 

Target group  

Toddlers from 40 lbs to 110 lbs 

Main Benefit

Machine-Washable fabrics, Quick-release LATCH system.

Technical Details

● Item Weight: 5.5 pounds

● Product Dimensions : 15 x 17 x 8.5 inches

● UPC: 049796610758

● Item model number: 00079835720070

● Target masculinity: Unisex

● Recommended Minimum weight: 40 Pounds

● Recommended Maximum weight: 110 Pounds

● Material Type: Fabric

● Number of items: 1

● Batteries essential: No

Our Balanced Opinion On GoFit Plus Backless Booster

This backless booster seat will provide your child with maximum comfort and safety. Because of its Latch system, you will be able to remove or install it very quickly. And the removable seat cover will make the cleaning process easy for you.   

● The GoFit is very stylish and lightweight.

● This car seat has curved edge for extra comfort.

● The seat pads are very soft and comfortable.

● Hideaway CupFolder 

● The Chicco booster is very easy to clean (Machine-washable fabric).

● NO LATCH connectors

Solution of CONS

The full meaning of LATCH is Lower Anchors and Tethers for CHildren.

Lower Anchors only keep this seat steady; it doesn’t provide protection to the baby. The Lap-Shoulder must be used to secure the children.

To find the lower Anchor location in the vehicle, check your vehicle’s manual. Some manuals may use the “ISOFIX“. You can also use the ISOFIX lower anchor to protect the booster seat.

IF your car has LATCH, you will find the lower anchor at the seat crease. If the Latch is not visible, the seating position is marked with symbols or a coloured dot. You can’t use the top tether anchor to secure this seat.

Installing Chicco Gofit Plus Backless Booster Car Seat

Before installing, read the Instruction manual of the seat and the vehicle’s owner manual carefully.

Put the booster seat onto the backseat (middle of the back seat, if possible) of your car. Check if the seat is flat on the vehicle seat; if not, make it flat.

Then place your child on the booster seat.

Pull out the seat belt across your baby’s body and lock the belt.

Your child should fit appropriately in the belt. If your car has seat belt guides, then use them for achieving a proper fit.

Make sure The lap belt lays comfortably through the child’s upper thighs.

Adjust the position of the shoulder belt so that it goes through the chest. 


1. This booster seat can’t be used in an aircraft because there are no lap-shoulder belts to secure your child in the plane.


● Have the child sit in the booster seat.

● Adjust the lap belt, so it goes under the 1st Armrest across the baby’s thighs. Then place the shoulder belt and lap belt under the 2nd Armrest nearest the vehicle buckle point and buckle the seat belt.

● Pull down or pull up the Shoulder positioning clip to set it at the baby’s shoulder.

● Run the vehicle belt through the shoulder positioning clip. The Shoulder positioning clip has to be on the baby’s shoulder. Now make sure the seat belt lays flat and comfortably through the child’s chest, and the lap belt lays through the baby’s thigh flat and comfortably.

● Your child is appropriately secured now. 


● Check properly and make sure there is no twist on the seat belt.

● Check if the shoulder belt is too tight or comfortable on the shoulder of the child. And make sure the Shoulder positioning belt is at the baby’s shoulder.


● You will find a release button at the bottom of this seat; press the button to remove the Cup Holders.

● You can also fold the Cup Holder to install another seat beside this booster seat.


Pull the Latch release handle tightly while pulling the booster seat out to remove the booster seat and release the LATCH Connector. To Store, the Latch Connectors tightly pull The LATCH Strap.


● After removing the cup holders, flip the booster seat upside down and release the elastic loops.

● Remove the Insert from the fabric before washing the fabric. And reinstall the Inseat after washing and drying the fabric. 

● Place the cover on the Booster and fix the fabric along the edges of the belt guide; turn the seat upside down and tighten the fabric cover, then reattach the elastic loops. 


Pull the armrest button from the front of the Armrest and lift the Armrest simultaneously to remove the Armrest.

To remove the fabric cover from the Armrest, pull back the armrest cover on the edges. 

To refix the Armrest on the booster seat, install the Tab’s back into the base of the Armrest and push down the front edge until it fits in the base.


Fabrics: Fabrics can be hand washed with Softsoap and water, Or can be washed on the machine using cold water and mild cleanser on low cycle. 

Foam Insert: The foam insert is allowed for hand washing and air dry.

Plastics: to clean the plastic parts, use mild soap and water, then towel dry.

User’s Opinion

The user says their child loves sitting in this booster seat. They love the foam pad, leather arm, and cup holder position. Their child feels safe and comfortable in the seat. According to users installing and removing this seat is very easy, and the seat is very lightweight to move. And most of the users said that they feel more secure because of the LATCH system. More than 85 percent of users rated this seat five stars. 

The best way to use Chicco Gofit Plus Backless Booster

Before travelling, makes sure every occupant is attached correctly. Unattached occupants may fall around in the event of a crash or sudden stop and cause injury. 

Please do not put anything like bags, books, etc. Release in the back of the car because it may cause serious injury in the event of a sudden stop, sharp turn, or accident.

Park the vehicle away from sunlight because parts of the booster seat may become hot in the sun and burn the child’s skin when you put the child on the hot booster seat. To avoid damage, check the surface of plastic and metal parts every time before placing your baby in the seat.

Do not let your child play with the seat belt of the vehicle. Try to keep the unused belt away for your child if possible.

Do not put anything like a towel or noodle under the booster seat to increase the height. In a time of a sudden stop, turn, or crash, the booster seat may slide and cause serious injury.

Please do not use any extra accessories that haven’t come with the seat from the manufacturers’ showroom unless it is approved to use by Chicco.

Buying Guide

The GoFit plus Booster is designed for the big kid who can sit using a seat belt and meet the following precondition:

● If your child can sit steadily in one position in the seat during the whole ride. 

● If your child can keep the lap and shoulder belt in the correct position all the time.

● If your child is 40 to 110 pounds (18-50kg). 

● If your child is 38-57 inches (97cm-145cm) tall.

Do not use this booster seat if your child can’t meet these preconditions. 

FAQs About Chicco Gofit Plus Backless Booster Car Seat


What is the difference between this “plus” and the non-plus model?


The “Plus” has the Latch system to anchor the seat in the vehicle; the non-plus does not have a Latch system.


Can you use this Booster in a car that doesn’t have a latch?


Yes, Including this seat, all booster seats simply position the child. The vehicle’s seat belt holds the seat. This car seat’s latch feature secures the seat when the child is not in the seat, although it keeps the seat steady when the child is in the seat.


Is the seat cushion soft comfortable for long-distance rides?


Yes, the seat cushion is very soft and comfortable.


How does this seat connect to the actual seat in the car?


You can install the seat with the Quick-release LATCH system.


The GoFit Plus Booster seat comes with lots of features. It comes with the Quick-Release Latch system so that you can install it easily, and it provides grab-and-go convenience with the one-hand release. It is enough padded to provide your child with more comfortable. It will provide your child with a consistent belt fit, so you travel without worrying about your child’s safety.

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