when to remove back of booster seat

When to Remove Back of Booster Seat

Today in this article, we will talk about an essential and valuable topic that might come in handy. And the name of the topic is when to remove the back of the booster seat.  
But we need to remember some important facts. A booster seat was designed backless, and that means it is suitable for a child who is over 125 cm tall and over 22 kg in weight.

But these rules and facts only applied to those booster seats which will be entering the car seat market in the future.

The fun fact is that this doesn’t apply to the booster seats you are using currently. So stay tuned with us to know when to remove the back of the booster seat.

Will the backless booster seats be announced illegal in the future?

They won’t announce the backless booster seats illegally, which means the new booster seats will be more suitable for those over 125 cm tall and heavier than 22 kg.

Is it ok to use a seat that is backless and old modeled?

The question is yes. If we use a backless booster seat that was bought before the law changed, it won’t be illegal to use a backless booster seat.
But it is also possible that they change the law and announce that a backless booster seat is illegal to use. We have no choice but to buy a new model booster seat.

Would it cost us find if we use a backless booster seat?

The answer here is no. If you had bought a backless booster seat before they could change the law, then it is acceptable and legal to use.

We could only be fined if we want to sit in a booster seat even though we don’t have one in our car. It also can happen if our children don’t match the requirements they need.  
We would never want to be inspected after being pulled out by the police. If the police told us that the booster seat doesn’t match the police’s requirement and announce it as illegal, we should go to a local shop and buy one.  

What age of children do we need to use a brand new backless booster seat model?

We can not say what age children can use it. But there is a requirement that we need to remember because those children who are matched with these requirements are suitable to use a backless booster seat.  
A child who is 125 cm in height and 22 kg in weight can use this seat and is more suitable. We always recommend everyone not to use a booster seat until their kids turn 6 or 7 years old.

Is it possible to use a backless booster seat for a child who doesn’t match the requirements?

We can use a backless booster seat even though they are not matched with the requirements. A standard backless booster seat required a child to be 15 kg which is a weight of a 3-4 years old child.
But this product was designed for the safety of children. If a child is only three or four years old, it is safe to use a high back booster seat instead of a backless booster seat. They shouldn’t use a backless booster seat unless their children are more than 22 kg in weight.

How come the law of the booster seat will affect us?

After changing the law, when we purchase a new booster cushion, they might ask us what weight and height our children have. To select the best booster seat, we need to tell them the correct size and weight.

If the booster seat was designed to keep children safe, then why stop using the booster seat?

The booster seats were designed to keep children safe because they do not have the maturity to sit still in the car. If a child gets enough maturity, they don’t need to use a booster seat.
A car has its ways to keep the passengers safe. So if a child can sit still in the car seat and use a car seat belt without any problem, they don’t need to use a booster seat.
But every parent has their right to choose what is best for their children. If they want their children to use a booster seat, then they should use one. If they think they don’t need one, then they should not use a booster seat.
But we always should remember if a child is not using a backless booster seat, then we need to check that child is appropriately getting fit with the car seat belt. If he can use a car seat belt properly, then he can stop using a booster seat.

Some rumors were spreading about the booster seats getting banned. Is it true?

The law was changed, and the manufacturers approved a new direction. But it was only to change parents’ behavior because they noticed that many parents are not that much care of their children in a car.
So they changed the law and released some booster seats to protect the children and give them as much safety as possible. They come up with around 4 to 7 booster seats to encourage them to be more careful with their children.

Is there any reason, in particular, they are not planning to ban the booster cushions altogether?

There is an association called BPA, which means Baby Products Association. The BPA and some developers stated that there is no plan to ban the booster cushions.
Some parents wanted the booster cushions not to be banned, and they needed them because many parents are still using small cars with low-level car seats. The seats need a backless booster seat for children to be in great comfort.
They thought it would be much better to have at least a booster seat, even though those who don’t have backs are still better than anything for children. That is why they are not planning to ban the booster cushions.

What is a booster seat?

A booster seat is a seat that was designed for children’s safety in a car. It lifts a child higher from the actual car seat a little bit.
That way, the seat belt doesn’t get along with the neck and the belly, and instead, it lies across the chest and pelvis area, which are strong enough to withstand the seat belt.

Do booster seats have different types of seats?

A high back booster is used in those cars which have low setbacks.
A backless booster seat is used to support children’s head safety and comfortability.
There is the last one which is called the combination seat. It provides a 5-point harness and is combined with a high booster seat. A child who is more than 40 kg should use this seat

How would I know if my child is ready for a backless booster seat or not?

There are some tips and tricks you may need to follow to know if your child is ready or not.
If you see that the car seat belt fits your child correctly, remains to instill in a position while sleeping, and can sit in a backless booster when your child is ready to move on.

If a new booster seat model is placed in the market, will backless booster seats be announced?

The answer is no. It means the new models of necklace poster seeds will be suitable for those children who are taller than 125 cm and more decadent than 22 kg in weight.

The new laws don’t apply to those seats which 2as bought before the law changed.

What would be the best way to choose a booster seat?

When you are buying a booster seat, make sure there is a label. It should be written that it exceeds Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 213.
We would generally recommend everyone not to buy a second-hand booster seat. But if you are thinking about accepting a second-hand booster seat, you might need to remember these things.
Never buy a booster seat that is more than six years old. It would be helpful if you do not purchase those seats which are missing parts. And the last thing is to make sure to check the expiration date.

What is a way to install a booster seat?

You will receive an instruction manual. Please read it and follow it until you finally install the booster seat. The installation process would be written there, and you will know how to use the car seat belt with the safety seat.

Will the police fine me if I use an old backless booster?

The answer is no. If you are currently using a booster seat owned before the law changed, you are good to use it.
But they changed the law because they wanted your children to be safe and sound in the car. So we highly suggest everyone buy a new model booster seat not to have to think about when to remove the booster seat’s back.

From what age should my child start using a new model of a booster seat?

We actually can not say what age they should use the new model. But children who can sit still without any problem can start using a booster seat.  
But there are some rules that we all should follow that a child must be taller than 125 cm and more solemn than 22 kg in particular. We would say you should start using a booster after your child turns seven years old.

Is it possible to use a booster seat backless if my child is smaller than the recommended regulations?

Yes, it is possible to use a booster seat. Many children between 3 and 4 years old and more than 15 kg in weight could use the booster seat.
But these rules were set so that the children don’t have to go through any harm and injuries. We usually would not recommend you to use a booster seat for your three years old kid. But if you want to use it, it is your choice to make.

When will the time come for a child to outgrow a booster seat?

A child can stop using a booster seat after quite some time. When a child grows big enough to use a standard car seat belt independently, they can stop using a booster seat. When a car seat belt lies across the middle of a child’s chest, there is no need to use a booster seat.
A seat belt would adjust typically on a person who is already 4.9 feet tall. A kid who is 4.9 feet tall will most likely be at 12 years of age. Then he will not have to use a booster seat.

Is there any possibility of booster seats to be a band?

No, there is no possibility of such things. Setting new rules and regulations is to change the parents to be more careful about their children.
They are releasing new models and telling them to use them because they want the children to be safe in the car and want their parents to be careful about their children.

When should the children stop using a booster seat?

you can choose for your children when to stop using a booster seat. If your child is about five feet tall and more than 120 pounds, and about 1 or 12 years old, then you might prevent him or her from using a booster seat.

Why aren’t they banned the booster cushions together?  

There is an association called BPA. They and those developers who helped change the law stated that the booster cushions would not permanently be banned.
There are some excellent reasons to do that. Many parents want booster cushions. They think a backless seat is still better than no seat.
We all know that backless seats are the cheapest of all booster seats. So it is also convenient for many parents to buy a cheap one instead of using nothing even though it will not save the head and the neck.

Why does my car seat only lap seat belts in the back seat?

Generally, cars are designed with only la belts. They don’t provide a booster seat belt. If you want to use a booster seat belt in your vehicle, check if there is any way to install it manually or buy a car with both a lap and booster seat belt.

Are there any differences worth mentioning between the high-back booster and the backless booster?

These two boosters were initially designed to be appropriately fit by the car seat belts and avoid getting harm and injuries from car crashes or accidents.

But high-back boosters are used in those cars which have low leveled seat belts. This booster comes with a 5-point harness that is used to keep small children safe.  
On the other hand, backless boosters are the cheapest of all boosters. So they are easy to purchase. It is also easy to move from one place to another quickly.

Are there any differences between the two? Which booster is good for the children and which is suitable for my vehicle?

There are a few differences you might want to know about. A backless booster is to give your child comfortability. The high-back booster seat was designed to be used in low-level car seats to lift the child so that the car seat belt can fit correctly.
A combined booster seat was designed with a 5-point harness. It provides the children side-impact, and because of that, the children are more safe and sound than any other boosters.

Is there any risk if I don’t use a booster seat?

More than 10 or 12 years old children can stop using a booster seat because they have the maturity to sit still and be fit with the car seat belt. But little kids who use seat belts are at risk of getting injured.
Doctor’s called these injuries “seat belt syndrome.” It causes around the body area of the head, the neck, and shoulder. It can cause damages to the spinal cord and the internal organs also.

From what age should a child start using a booster seat?

They can use a booster seat if he matches the requirements a child needs to use a booster seat. Make sure your child is more than 18 kg or not and more than 125 cm in height. Your child must be at least four years old.
After that, if your child can sit still in one place and have the maturity not to do anything weird with the belt, then your child is good to go with a booster seat. But we recommend that everyone should not use a booster seat until their children are at least six years old.

My child can use a combination seat, but he isn’t ready for a booster. What can I do about that?

If your child is not over 18 kg in weight, he might need to use the 5 point harness because he can’t sit still. A 5-point harness can be used for a child who is mostly 30 kg in weight.

My child is over 18 kg in weight but only three years old. Is he ready to use a booster?

We would not recommend your child to use a booster seat because he is only three years old and to use. Your child is not mature enough to use a booster seat because he won’t sit still, and that way, he can get hurt and maybe seriously injured.

What does the law have to say when my child is ready to use a booster?

The law stated that if you want your child to use a booster seat, you will have to use a 5-point harness booster seat called a combination seat. Also, your child must be at least 18 kg in weight.

Is there any difference between a backless booster seat and a high back booster seat?

Yes, there are some differences between these two. The main difference is that a high back booster seat provides hate support which we don’t see in a backless booster seat.

The highway booster seat provides support to his or her head and takes the responsibility of saving the head first. But remember to adjust the impact because it might be uncomfortable if you leave it as default.

Benefits of using a high back booster seat

A booster seat is designed to provide safety to the children. A high back booster seat mainly provides the children’s side impact protection in an accident. This way, he or she will be safe for most of the cases.


We have come to know from many sources that 70% of children get injured using a high back booster seat. It causes impact because of the seat belt, which feels uncomfortable.

Many children were helped because of using it. We recommend everyone to use a booster seat until a child turns 4.9 feet (1.49 m) tall.

Many manufacturers stated that using a booster seat can decrease injuries after getting smashed about five times.

Many manufacturers recommend that the car seat should support 80 percent of the car. Many manufacturers also recommend 100% it helps in vehicles.


Now that you have read the whole article, you may know almost everything about when to remove the back of a backless booster seat. We tried our best to feed you with helpful information.

All you have to do is to make fair use of the information you learned. We hope we were helpful to you and were able to help you out. Thank you all for staying with us till the end.

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